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        Pidu District People's Hospital,Chengdu

        date :2019.11.13Reading :3929人

        Pidu District People's Hospital of Chengdu is a national level Three-B comprehensive hospital with the collection of medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention, health care and rehabilitation, etc. Founded in September 1939, it was originally called Pixian Health Hospital. After liberation, it was taken over by the Pixian People's Government. Sichuan Health Department changed its name to Pixian People's Hospital in 1956. After Pixian county was changed its county-level administrative units into district-level administrative units in 2017, the hospital formally renamed Pidu District People's Hospital,Chengdu.

         The new hospital area of Pidu District People's Hospital of Chengdu broke ground In April 2016. The new hospital locates in the new town of southeastern Pidu District and will be built according to the standard to national level Three-A teaching hospital. The first stage of the project covers an area of 88.03 mu with a total construction area of 104800 square meters.

        There are 11 floors of the ward building with 4 floors for outpatient and emergency departments in the main building of the hospital. 1000 beds are prepared and equipped with K series of hand-operated three-fold beds of Helse High-tech. The colors are suitable for the overall decoration of the hospital, simple and bright:


        Emergency Trolley in Emergency Department:

        The Treatment Preparation Room is equipped with a full set of SUS304 stainless steel series of Treatment Table with inductive LED indirect light, beautiful and practical:




        Garbage separately can be stored in the dustbin with different color in line with the hospital norm: